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Message from the President

Welcome back Cortina families!


My name is Dana and I am your PTO President. I served a year as Vice President years ago and came back last year as President, now I am back for my second year as President. This is our family’s 7th year at Cortina and we have another 2 years there after this year. I truly love being on PTO and getting to know the Cortina families and staff better.


I am happy to say that we have a full board this year and it is such a great group of positive thinking, kind, and hardworking people. I know for me personally it is so nice to see normalcy returning. With that normalcy returning, I am happy to let you know that we have a year full of fun events and fundraisers planned. From a fun sock fundraiser that will benefit a local shelter as well as our school, to a family field day that we know will be a blast. These fundraisers are very important to our school. We help the teachers have the curriculum and supplies they need to keep their classrooms up to the standards that our children deserve. Last year we were also able to help 2 of our families that were struggling. One of our little Tigers was kicking cancer’s butt at the same time that one of our Tiger family had a house fire.


This year PTO has already been put to action. Since Robotics Club was unable to fundraise last year, we have had the opportunity to sponsor them. We were able to pay their team registration fees for this year and purchase their building kits for them. Another thing we have done this year is purchase 5 tether balls for the playground and from what I hear, the kids are already having a blast with them. We have also been in contact with district about making our side walks around the pick-up line safer and more wheel chair accessible. These are just a few things that PTO and our fundraisers (that our very generous community contributes to) do for our school, staff, and students. Keep an eye out for a PTO calendar that will be sent out soon.


Do you want to get involved? There will be many ways that you can get involved with helping our school. As the year moves along we will send out help pleas for various things like being on event planning committees, donations to spoil our amazing staff, and giving your time to help work the events. We cannot do any of these things without the support of our parents and families. We will have 3 general meetings this year to keep you in the know and we would love to see you there. You attending does not commit you to anything. You will listen in as we go over our agenda and budget, get to know your PTO a little better, and have the opportunity to ask questions that we will do our best to answer. Showing up and supporting our PTO and school means the world to us.


Please never hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have.


Until next time,

Dana Whitbeck

PTO President

Cortina PTO Bylaws
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